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Welcome to Kill Spree, the all-new online comic created to push the boundaries of technology and taste.

With a shit-load of awesome comics freely available on the internets, why should you choose to read this one? Well, apart from a completely original storyline and awesome art, the website has been custom built to give the reader a full insight in to the different stages of comic book creation. Just play with the blue tabs above to see behind the scenes. Pretty fucking neat, huh? Kill Spree also has an animated version for those who prefer motion comics. Just click on the red link on the home page to enjoy this unique visual experience. All these amazing features wrapped up in a fully responsive site that transforms to fit whatever device you are viewing it on.

So, strap on your seat belts, and prepare yourself for an adventure. We're going for the wildest ride of your life!


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Aaron says, Buy my fucking lunchbox!


We've included a comments section on every page to discuss the comic and talk about any of the interesting points raised in Kill Spree. You can also use it to lavish oodles of praise or tell us what you really think of the comic. Because we're so fucking hip, this page includes a cultural reference to an event from 2013. Anyone clever enough to spot it?

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