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All is not as it seems

1/10/2014 - I switch on the TV some days and see nothing but vacuous nonsense and shallow loathsome trash that turns the brain in to mush. I'm not a television hater. I appreciate good quality TV programs, well made dramas, and informative documentaries. There's some good shit out there!

However, some channels do nothing but teach people how to hate and cheat and be bastards towards each other. Dramas filled with unrealisticly attractive people failing to act like decent human beings just to make a storyline more entertaining. People pick up on this! Young kids watch this shit! TV has a powerful influence over those who don't know how to process the information. Would companies spend millions on advertising if it didn't? Open your fucking eyes to what's happening here.

There's a box sitting in the corner of your room. It's purpose is to make you feel like crap. But don't worry, it has the answer. Buy. Consume. Spend your money on pointless products to 'improve' your life or make you more attractive to the rest of the world who are feeling just as run down and shitty as you are.


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