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Kill Spree - Page 6

Silence is Golden

10/10/2014 - More swearing. Excellent. As there is so much bad language I thought it would be cool to have a character who can't swear at all, even though he really wants to. This page shows how you don't always need to include speech in all panels. Sometimes the picture says a thousand words.

This whole creative process has been a huge learning experience for me. My first lesson learnt was that you really need to be exact when describing elements of the script. Take a look at the first panel on this page. In the script I specified the exact order in which the kids should be lined up. Sadly, I didn't express the importance of where that order should start. So, we end up with the first speaker on the far end of the panel, throwing the speech bubbles out a bit. I could have asked Zue to redraw the scene but I love the panel that much I didn't want him to touch it. It became a real pain in the ass when I got around to lettering it.


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