Kill Spree - Page 7

Every Story Needs A Hero

17/10/2014 - I wanted to create distinct personalities for the 5 main characters. Each one needed their own identity to set them apart and make the story more interesting. If our leads were all carbon copies of each other it would make for a dull story. So, I got inside the heads of each character. Gave them needs, interests, and goals to set them apart. Spending so much time writing the cast and developing their characteristics makes them feels like part of the famly. I've grown fond of these kids.

I also have to make you, the dear reader, fond of these youngs scallies. What they're doing later in life is reprehensible, so the connection between them and you can only be forged during these flashbacks. If you didn't feel connected to them in some way, the story would not be as engaging.


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