The Story...

A gang of disturbed misfits seize control of America’s most high-tech shopping mall and embark on a deadly game of competitive mass-murder, broadcasting the entire event live as the world watches on in horror.

Mike Hancock returns to his home town after a 6 year spell in juvie to find his closest friends have tragically lost their way. While Mikey's encarceration allowed him to grow beyond the limitations of small town life, his best friend Aaron, ex-girlfriend Haley, and close buddies Dexter and Jared, collectively known as 'The Nobuddies' during their school years, became bitter and twisted from the alienation they received from their parents, teachers and peers while growing up. As the only 'special needs' kids in town their isolation from the community increased their hatred of the townsfolk, which manifested itself in 'Kill Spree' an imaginary game of murder Mike invented, which they used to play as young kids.

Now, as angry young adults, they have the skills, money, knowledge and motivation to realise their sick game and play for real. Their target is the glorious new Trinity Hope shopping mall for which they each bear their own personal grudge against. Only Mike can stop his friends from unleashing 'Kill Spree' on the unsuspecting shoppers.

The Creators

Eliseu “Zeu” GouveiaName: Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia
Nationality: Portuguese
Bio: Kill Spree artist Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia has a wealth of illustrative experience in the comic book industry having worked with Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Jim Keplinger, Rebecca Hicks, Zack Kruse, Steve Roman and many more writers for publishers including IMAGE COMICS, FUNNEL CLOUD 9 PUBLISHING, MOONSTONE BOOKS, STRANGE MATTER COMICS, STARWARP CONCEPTS & MINDSTORM. Zeu's latest project has been working as a sketch card artist for the Marvel Rittenhouse Archives.

Tim WestName: Tim West
Nationality: British
Bio: Kill Spree writer Tim West has been involved with the UK indie comic scene for several years and been published in anthologies FUTUREQUAKE, SOMETHING WICKED, MASSACRE FOR BOYS, THE PSYCHADELIC JOURNAL OF TIME TRAVEL and more. Tim is the founder of Comicsy, an online marketplace for independent UK creators to sell their comic book creations and art.


It stands for Frequently Asked Questions, dumbass.

How long is the comic?

Kill Spree is 8 issues long. In total it's 180 pages of pure fucking awesome. The script has been finished. The plot is a tightly woven rollercoaster full of fun and surprises. So far, only the 21 page first issue has been fully drawn, coloured, lettered and finished. It's been a long hard slog to get this far. We hope you enjoy the show.

What are you? A comic or an animation?

It's a comic. When building the Kill Spree website we wanted to be as inclusive as possible. This meant creating both a responsive site, that automatically adjusts depending on the size of the user's browser or the device it is viewed on, but also an animated version, designed for those who prefer viewing comic in that way.

As you can see from the shape of the pages, Kill Spree is designed for print.

So, you're also going to print the comic?

That's the ultimate goal. We love the shit out of digital but you can't beat the touch and smell of a printed comic. The glistening ink. Mmmmmmm. The feel of paper on skin. Unnnk (ahem, sorry).

Why not print it, then?

There's the rub, people. Printing is damn expensive. In fact, it's going to take ages to raise the funds to produce a second issue! So, we've got 21 fully-finished pages to build ourselves an audience. 21 pages to wow enough people who'll help to raise enough money to pay Zue to draw and ink issue 2. The comic will live or die by its popularity (which is apt considering its controversial storyline) so that's why we made a fucking kick ass website and an original comic book story that'll blow your fucking minds.

How can I support the comic?

It costs money to run this site so any way you can show your support would be fantabulous. Tell your friends about us. Write a review or share a link to the site. Why not visit the Kill Spree Store and purchase yourself some KS goodies.

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What's with the shitty colouring scheme?

That's my bad. I'm not going to try and claim that I was purposefully using minimilistic colours as an expression of modern life or some other nonsense. Lack of funds meant I had to step in with the colouring and I apologise to Zeu for my inept crayoning over his beautiful artwork. I do have a pro colourist lined up. Hopefully, if people support the comic, one day we can get it coloured, all proper like.


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