Player 1 - Michael Hancock Player 1

Player One

  • Name: Michael (Mikey) Hancock
  • Gamer ID: Player 1 (Blue)
  • Age: Child 14 / Adult 20
  • Bio: Our hero, Michael Hancock is the young leader of The Nobuddies. Mikey lived with his Grandma after his parents passed away when he was young. He wears baggy second hand clothes and is fairly poor. As an adult Mikey has grown to be a strong, intelligent, and grounded young man, after spending his time in prison exercising, keeping out of trouble, and educated himself.
  • Tagline: Playing for Friendship
  • Relatives: Nana Hancock

Player 1 - Aaron Wysocki Player 2

Player Two

  • Name: Aaron Wysocki
  • Gamer ID: Player 2 (Red)
  • Age: Child 15 / Adult 21
  • Bio: Aaron is Mikey’s best friend and second in command. He is slightly older than the rest of The Nobuddies, having been held back at school. Hard as nails and a psychopath - the product of labouring on his abusive father’s farm. Adult Aaron has built upon his physical prowess. He’s is good looking and charismatic, a confident show man. Aaron is obsessed with fame and celebrity, hoping that Kill Spree is the big break that will make him a star.
  • Tagline: Playing for Fame
  • Relatives: Papa Wysocki, Carl Wysocki

Player 3 - Haley Watts Player 3

Player Three

  • Name: Haley Watts
  • Gamer ID: Player 3 (Purple)
  • Age: Child 13 / Adult 19
  • Bio: Haley is a young goth girl with long dark hair who dresses in black. She is also Mikey’s girlfriend. Haley is a strong character but desperately seeks affection from her father who manages the Mall. Adult Haley has turned in to a wildchild. Ignored by her work-obssessed father for years she has become destructive and uncaring.
  • Tagline: Playing for Love
  • Relatives: Mr Watts (Haley’s Dad)

Player 4 - Jared Smith Player 4

Player Four

  • Name: Jared Smith
  • Gamer ID: Player 4 (Yellow)
  • Age: Child 14 / Adult 20
  • Bio: Jared is very stupid. He’s the only kid that really does need special education, the others being just naughty or lazy. Young Jared is huge for his age, his doting-mother keeping him well fed as he grows. Adult Jared is still very much a kid at heart. He’s matured in to a big lumbering mountain of a man. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, easy to manipulate, and he just loves those juicy Gummy Chews.
  • Tagline: Playing for Gummy Chews
  • Relatives: Jay's Mom

Player 5 - Carl Wysocki Player 5

Player Five

  • Name: Carl Wysocki
  • Gamer ID: Player 5 (Orange)
  • Childhood: Age: 7 /Adult 13
  • Bio: Carl isn’t an original Nobuddy so isn’t a primary character. Young Carl is only a small, dumb, kid. He loves his big Brother who protects him from their violent Father. Older Carl, without the guidance of any parents, has turned in to a terrible young boy. He’s basically evil but also very good at computer games.
  • Tagline: Playing for Fun
  • Relatives: Papa Wysocki, Aaron Wysocki

Player 00 - Dexter Venkatesh Player 00

Games Master

  • Name: Dexter Venkatesh
  • Gamer ID: Games Master 00 (Green)
  • Age: Child 14 / Adult 20
  • Bio: Dexter is extremely gifted with technology and computers having grown up above his father’s computer store. Dex is wheelchair bound which is why he is included in remedial classes. He likes tinkering and creating gadgets. Madly in love with Haley.
  • Tagline: Playing for Revenge
  • Relatives: Pops Venkatesh


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